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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

February 12, 2014

Dental implants, yo.Many people consider a smile a first impression, and when you are not confident in your smile, it can be detrimental to your self-esteem. If you have teeth missing from your smile, you may lack the confidence it takes to make a memorable first impression. Aside from being aesthetically displeasing, having missing teeth can be detrimental for the rest of your teeth, as they will start to shift to fill the empty space. Luckily, Dr. Giamberardino is able to offer a permanent solution to your dental woes with the help of dental implants.

Your journey to dental implants begins with a consultation with Dr. Giamberardino. There, he will be able to fully assess your smile in its current state, and he will speak with you about what your long term goals are regarding your smile. During the consultation, you will also be able to address any questions or concerns you may have, as we want you to be informed every step of the way.

If it is determined you are a candidate for dental implants, the procedure commences with embedding a titanium screw into the socket where the missing tooth is. This screw will act as a new tooth root, and will fuse with your bone. After that, the abutment is added, which is essentially a support system for the implant and the crown. The tooth-resembling crown is added after the abutment, completing your new, beautiful smile!

One of the great things about dental implants is the fact they can last a lifetime, and they look like your natural teeth! Dental implants are easy to take care of, and, most importantly, they can restore your self confidence. When you are confident in your smile and yourself, that confidence has the potential to leak into many areas of your life, resulting in a more well-rounded life! If you have any questions on dental implants and how Dr. Giamberardino can help, make an appointment today!

Giamberardino Dental Care provides quality general and cosmetic dentistry from our Medford, MA dental office. We serve patients from Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and surrounding communities. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

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