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Tackle Your Halitosis Today!

September 24, 2014

493881585One thing that everyone can agree on is that having bad breath is never attractive. When you are introducing yourself to someone new or reconnecting with old friends and family, you want to be able to enjoy their company instead of worrying how your breath smells. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, has the potential to deteriorate the way you feel about yourself, and can definitely affect the way you interact with others. Dr. Anthony Giamberardino wants his patients to know of the ways they can handle their halitosis by giving a small bit of information and advice.

Simple enough, one of the main reasons for halitosis is not properly taking care of your smile. Though we have been taught to brush and floss our teeth every day since we were little, many people may underestimate the true importance of doing so. When the bacteria in your mouth are able to remain stagnant and idle, they are left to multiply and take over your smile, ergo affecting the scent of your breath. By practicing proper oral care routines on a daily basis, you are able to eliminate a lot of the bacteria in your mouth, giving you a better chance of having fresh breath.

Another thing that you can do in order to keep your halitosis in check is visiting our office every six months for your dental checkup. By doing this, Dr. Giamberardino is able to look for any early signs of decay and other problems, allowing you to have a healthy smile which results in fresher breath. An antibacterial mouthwash is a wonderful way to kill the remaining bacteria in your smile, and getting one in a certain taste like spearmint or peppermint is sure to linger on your breath. If you are unsure if you are living with halitosis, a couple of signs are a constant bad taste you cannot get rid of and ongoing dry mouth. If you feel as though you are living with halitosis, keep these few tips in mind, and you are sure to be on your way to fresher breath.

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