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CEREC Dental Crowns: Same Day Crowns in Medford

September 21, 2015

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If you have broken, damaged, missing or misshapen teeth, you may know that dental crowns are a good option for restoring your smile to one you’re proud to flaunt. These caps look just like your real teeth, and are strong enough to allow you to continue living your life with a smile you’re proud of. At Giamberardino Dental Care, we’ve been helping our patients get the smile they want with dental crowns for decades.

So you know a little bit about how dental crowns work — but do you know that most often we use something called CEREC Crowns to make the process faster, more comfortable and longer lasting than the traditional method? CEREC Crowns are an excellent option for you — read on to learn more about the benefits of CEREC Crowns.

CEREC Saves You Time

There are two ways to make your crowns. The traditional way involves taking impressions of your teeth, which are then sent away to a lab to create your special crowns. This process can last as long as a couple of weeks and requires multiple visits to the dentist.

The second option for constructing crowns is CEREC, which stands for CEramic REConstruction. It uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to allow your Medford dentist to create, produce and place your crowns right at your chairside. That’s right — with CEREC, your new crowns can be placed in your mouth in the just one visit.

CEREC Is More Comfortable

The impressions taken with the traditional method are messy and uncomfortable, often triggering a patient’s sensitive gag reflex. CEREC, however, uses much less invasive digital impressions to recreate your mouth’s structure. Aside from eliminating discomfort, these digital impressions also increase precision, meaning there’s no risk you’ll be left with bulky, ill-fitting or unnecessary hardware in your mouth. And because the crowns are placed in just one visit, you won’t have to endure any more of those pre-appointment jitters than necessary.

CEREC Gives You Results That Last

CEREC uses advanced color-matching technology to make sure your new crowns match your natural teeth perfectly. Because they’re made of ceramic, rather than risky metals or mercury, your dentist can even add special contours and grooves for a perfect fit. The result? Naturally looking crowns you love, that last. Studies show that CEREC crowns last longer than those created in a traditional dental laboratory setting — with a success rate of 95.5 percent after nine years.

Want to Know More About CEREC Crowns?

If you need dental crowns and believe that CEREC is a good option for you, chances are you’re correct. Request an appointment with our Medford office today and be on the road to CEREC dental crowns — faster and more comfortably than you ever imagined.

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