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The Three Worst Foods to get Stuck in your Teeth

March 5, 2024

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Ordinarily, getting a small piece of food stuck in your teeth isn’t all that big a deal. It’s nothing that a little dental floss couldn’t fix, and while it might be slightly embarrassing if someone notices it, it won’t typically cause any lasting damage.

However, certain foods can get stuck deep within the teeth, so much so that you may struggle to dislodge them despite your best efforts. Here are some of the worst foods to get stuck in your teeth.


As you’ve probably experienced if you’ve ever had ribs, they can be an absolute nightmare when they get stuck in your teeth. No matter how tender the ribs are, they contain tendons that are use to connect the meat to the bone. These small strips of sinew can easily become lodged between the teeth and are virtually impossible to remove without the right tools.


Making popcorn is kind of a chaotic process. The kernels often splinter off into small pieces that can easily get caught between the teeth, adhere to the roof of the mouth, or even get caught underneath your dental work. If this happens the bacteria in the mouth can begin to eat these kernels, causing bad breath and tooth decay.

If you are getting ready for a movie date, you might want to pack a pocket toothbrush and a little bit of dental floss. That way, you can deal with any rogue popcorn kernels before they become a serious problem.

Crackers and White Bread

Simple starches are often processed in such a way that they can easily glom onto the teeth, particularly once you’ve been chewing on them. This is worsened by the fact that the flour used in these products can be easily broken down by the bacteria in the mouth into simple sugars. In many ways, starches aren’t all that different sugars, so you can almost think about it like candy getting stuck in your mouth.

Instead, you might want to get your daily carbs from wheat bread. Not only is it better for you in general, it’ll also be much less likely you’ll have to deal with anything stuck in your teeth.

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Dr. Anthony Giamberardino takes pride not only in his expansive dental knowledge, but in his capacity to put his skills to use for the benefit of his patients. When you visit his office, he’ll take the time to understand the issue you’re dealing with and to customize your treatment to you. Dr. Giamberardino received his degree from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and has received the Harvard Community Health Plan DIAMOND AWARD for excellence in patient care and staff satisfaction.

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