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Pregnancy & Oral Health: How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Baby

October 25, 2011

If you’ve just found out that you’re expecting, congratulations! The months ahead  will be a great time of anticipation and change as you get ready to welcome a new baby into this world. You’ve got a nursery to decorate, a crib someone’s going to have to put together, and plenty of stuffed animals and new clothes to stock up on.

Of course, you’ll also need to stay in touch with your doctor. Your health, and the health of your little one, is of the highest importance. And that includes your oral health.

During pregnancy, the body produces more progesterone than normal, which can make your gums more sensitive to plaque. That’s why keeping up with a daily brushing/flossing routine and with regular dental visits to Giamberardino Dental Care has never been more important. Recent studies have proven that a link exists between gum disease (which is caused by built-up plaque) and premature birth and other pregnancy complications. But by following just a few simple tips, you can give your oral health and your little one exactly the care that’s needed.

Three Tips to Live By

We’ve already mentioned the most important step, and that’s brushing and flossing every day. As you do, you’ll also want to pay special attention to how your gums are doing and if they feel swollen or if your brushing routine makes them bleed. If they do, it’s time to see Dr. Giamberardino for a checkup, as these could be signs that you have gum disease.

Another important tip to keep in mind is related to nutrition. Because processed foods can contribute to plaque build-up, increase the number of fruits and veggies you’re eating every day. They’re good for your smile and your body’s health as a whole.

The last tip we have for you involves nothing more complicated than just staying in touch with our Medford office and coming in for regular visit, especially during your second trimester. Regular visits will let us keep track of how you’re doing and let us create a treatment if we spot anything.

Schedule Your Next Checkup with Giamberardino Dental Care

You want to give your little one the best start in life possible, and one way to do that is through caring for your smile. If you’re due for your next checkup, give Giamberardino Dental Care a call today. Our office is located in Medford and serves patients from Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and surrounding areas.

Call us today to set up your next visit with Dr. Giamberardino.

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