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Your Dentist in Medford Discusses Why You may have Tooth Sensitivity

June 6, 2016

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dentistDo you find yourself avoiding certain foods and beverages because the pain is not worth the taste? Foods such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, or popsicles and drinks like hot coffee or sweetened tea are known to ignite tooth sensitivity. But what causes tooth sensitivity to develop in the first place? Medford dentist Dr. Giamberardino offers these reasons, so you’ll know what to do to reduce sensitivity and improve your oral health.

Brush with a Gentle Touch

Some people mistakenly believe that the harder they brush, the cleaner their teeth will be. Brushing with too much force or with a toothbrush that has hard bristles can wear down the enamel surface of your teeth. As a result, the microscopic tubules in the dentin layer that transfer sensation to the nerve of a tooth may become exposed. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a gentle touch.

Cut Back on Acidic Foods

If the tubules in the dentin layer are exposed, then acidic foods can be particularly painful. Tomatoes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi and even pickles are all culprits of tooth sensitivity. Try to eliminate these foods from your diet as much as possible and stick to foods that don’t cause you pain.

Wear a Nightguard if You Grind Your Teeth

You may not know that you grind your teeth at night, but trust the person sleeping next to you who is awakened by the unmistakable sound of tooth meeting tooth! If you’ve been told you’re a teeth-grinder, then speak to Medford general dentist Dr. Giamberardino about a night guard. This customized oral appliance fits comfortably in your mouth and prevents your upper and lower teeth from meeting.

Don’t use Toothpaste with Whiteners

Some brands of toothpaste add whitening chemicals. For many people, these can lead to or exacerbate tooth sensitivity. If your toothpaste is causing pain, then consider switching to toothpaste made especially for sensitive teeth. Some are sold over the counter or Dr. Giamberardino can recommend a paste that will reduce sensitivity.

Treating Tooth Sensitivity with the Medford Family Dentist

In addition to recommending toothpaste for sensitivity, Dr. Giamberardino and his team can treat your pain in other ways if necessary. One possibility is applying a fluoride gel to strengthen the enamel on your teeth. For an extreme case, dental sealants or even inlays, onlays or dental crowns can be used to eliminate tooth sensitivity.

Call Your Dentist in Medford Today

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