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3 Reasons You Should Consider Teeth Whitening in Medford Today

March 4, 2018

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A woman pointing at her smile.It’s truly amazing how much of a difference smiling can make. It may seem strange but smiling more often can contribute many benefits to your life. For example, smiling more often works to release endorphins. These work to balance your mood, making you happier and more relaxed.  Additionally, smiling can work to reduce stress and lower anxiety. Who thought an extra smile here and there could make such a difference?

If you’re concerned or self-conscious about your smile, a great way to get a quick boost of confidence is through teeth whitening in Medford. Here are just three benefits that having a brighter smile can provide.

A Whiter Smile Improves Your Overall Appearance

Removing surface stains that discolor teeth over time can do a lot for your appearance as a whole. If you are older and want to take attention away from facial wrinkles, a great way to do that is by enhancing another aspect of your face, which in this case would be your smile.

Did you know that whiter teeth are considered an ideal indicator of proper self-care? It implies to everyone around you that you take the extra time and effort to practice oral care. People are highly attracted to those who care for themselves because it implies that they’ll be good at taking care of others as well. If you have a potential love interest, they’re more likely to appreciate this fact.

It Can Change Your Outlook and Behavior

One of the reasons your dentist provides teeth whitening in Medford is because he understands the power that a beautiful smile has to change your attitude for the better. People with whiter smiles tend to be more confident, friendlier, and more positive in general than those who do not. Not only will this help you lower your guard and perform better in social situations, but professional ones as well.

Have an important presentation to give but not as prepared as you’d like to be? Feeling anxious about doing a good job? Smiling more implies that you are confident and credible, so doing this when you’re feeling anxious can make a huge difference in making you look and feel better during your regular work hours.

It’s Never Been So Easy, Safe, and Effective!

With the help of professional-grade take-home trays, teeth whitening in Medford has never been so easy! These kits are equipped with high-quality bleaching agents and are custom-fitted to your teeth. This reduces any solution from being exposed to saliva which interfere with the whitening process.

If you’re worried about the effects whitening has on your teeth, don’t worry. Bleaching has been proven to be completely safe. It won’t remove any of your tooth enamel and will leave your teeth looking beautifully white. Soon enough, you’ll be reaping the many benefits that whiter teeth have to offer.

Do you think teeth whitening is right for you? Schedule a visit with your dentist today to learn more about improving the look of your smile!

About the Author

Dr. Anthony Giamberardino earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and continues to offer a very high standard of dental care. He’s educated in many forms of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, and is more than happy to meet your accommodations. To learn more about his teeth whitening treatments and practice, contact him at (781) 396-3800 or visit his website.

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