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How to Find the Right Dentist in Medford for Your Needs

August 31, 2018

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31family brushing teeth as groupIn many ways, finding the right dentist in Medford is like looking for a job. Success means matching your needs and priorities to the options available. A practice that’s perfect for one household may be less than ideal for another. Fortunately, our area has many fine professionals from which to choose.

Your Needs Come First

Begin your search by taking stock of what’s going on in your life and the lives of your family.. Here are some factors to consider:

  • What is your current state of dental health? People whose teeth and gums are healthy may get by fine with a general dentist to perform checkups, cleanings and the occasional filling. On the other hand, problems like gingivitis, multiple cavities or misaligned teeth require the skills of a specialist.
  • What is your domestic situation? A household with no children rarely has need of a pediatric dentist. A home bustling with the scamper of little feet is another story entirely.
  • Do you anticipate changes to your dental health in the next few years? For example, right now you may have no need of a prosthodontist (a dentist who specializes in dentures or other oral appliances). But this could change in time.
  • What type of dental coverage (if any) do you have? Some plans require their patients to choose from a list of providers. Others cover virtually any qualified professional in your area. Remember to factor co-pays and deductibles into your decision.

Other Tips to Help You in Your Search

The Internet makes choosing a dental care provider easier than ever before. Here are some online resources to help you in your search:

  • The website of the American Dental Association (ADA) lists its members according to geographical location. This is a great way to find a provider near your home.
  • Yelp and similar forums post reviews written by dental patients across the country. Remeber to not only look at the overall rating but actually read what the patients have to say about the practitioner.
  • Ask family, friends or coworkers for a recommendation. Word-of-mouth referrals are often the best way to find the perfect location for your needs.

An On-Site Visit

Third-party reviews are helpful for finding a good dentist. But nothing beats going to the office yourself and getting a feel for the practice. Talk to the office staff and note how they respond to you. Bring a copy of your insurance card and confirm that they take your coverage.

Are others in your household? If so, you may want to bring them along as well to get their thoughts and feelings. Ensuring that young children are comfortable in the environment is especially important. Early experiences can set the stage for how a person reacts to dental offices throughout their lives.

Choosing the right dentist for your needs might take a little bit of research. But the rewards include better healthcare for both you and every member of your family. In time you’ll look back on the efforts you put forth as one of the wisest investments you’ve ever made.

About the Author

Dr. Anthony Giamberardino is a graduate of Harvard College and Tufts University. He went into private practice in 1993 and has served the people of Medford ever since. You can reach his office online or by calling (781) 396-3800.

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