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What Happens When You Skip Your Dental Cleaning?

October 8, 2020

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Patient with gum disease

When you have a busy schedule and don’t detect anything wrong in your mouth, shouldn’t you be able to put off your appointment? Afterall, you can brush and floss your teeth at home without an issue. Going in for your regular dental visits may not be your favorite activity in the world, but it is a necessary step for optimal oral health. Skipping dental cleanings could lead to some negative consequences that nobody wants to be dealing with. Continue reading to learn more from your dentist in Medford about what happens when you skip a dental visit.


Tooth decay is the most common threat to your oral health. Even if you are the more diligent brusher in the world, you are still going to have places in your mouth that you simply can’t reach. This is where your dental cleaning helps. Your hygienist will be able to remove buildups of plaque and tartar so that it doesn’t cause issues in the future, like tooth decay. Your dentist will also check for existing decay so it can be treated early on. When left to progress, you could end up needing a root canal or extraction later on.

Gum Disease

Your oral health isn’t all about your teeth. In fact, having healthy gums is necessary in order for your mouth to support your teeth. Periodontal disease is extremely common with half of adults over the age of 30 suffering from it. However, this condition is easily avoided with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. Your dentist is trained to catch early signs of gum disease so it can be treated before becoming serious. If left to become more severe, you could end up with gum recession, loose teeth, or tooth loss entirely.

Other Health Issues

Often times, the health of your smile can indicate the wellbeing of the rest of your body. This is why your dentist always looks for abnormalities during your checkups. In addition to examining the mouth, they also take a look at your throat, face, and neck. If something isn’t looking right here, this could be the first indication that something serious is going on elsewhere inn the body. It can be easy for you to overlook signs of oral cancer, kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, but these issues will not get passed your dentist.


When you have your regular cleaning, you have your teeth polished using a special gritty paste. This is used to help remove surface stains and leave you with a healthier looking smile when you leave the dental office. If you aren’t having this done regularly, you may be more likely to pay a lot more for cosmetic dental treatments in the future.

Skipping your dental cleaning doesn’t seem like too much of an issue, but there are all sorts of consequences that can be easily avoided by attending them. If you aren’t already on track with regular checkups, there is no better time to get back on track!

About the Author

Dr. Anthony Giamberardino is a well experienced dentist whose career in dentistry spans over three decades. After graduating from Harvard College, he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Dental Association and the Massachusetts Dental Society. For more information on preventive dentistry or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Giamberardino, visit his website or call (781) 396-3800.

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