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5 Dental Health Issues That Can Be Hereditary

March 25, 2022

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From the color of your hair to your facial features, there are plenty of physical qualities that are passed down by your parents. Whether its genetics or simply daily habits, most people are born with similar conditions as those before them. But did you know that dental health issues could also be hereditary? Keep reading from your dentist in Medford on five oral problems you can inherit from your predecessors!  

#1: Tooth Color

The color of your teeth can be determined by both your age, environment, and genetic makeup. Some people are born with naturally thinner tooth enamel, which can cause their smile to appear more yellow. While brushing and flossing regularly can help freshen your teeth, you may need to consider consulting your dentist about whitening treatments if this is a concern.

#2: Misaligned Teeth

Just like the color of your eyes, the shape and size of your jaw is mostly due to your genes. Depending on the size, it can cause dental issues like gaps, crowding, underbites, and overbites. If you’re experiencing misaligned teeth, you might not be the only one in your family with this condition.

#3: Tooth Decay

While your chances of cavities can be affected by certain dietary choices, such as sugary foods, it can also be due to variations in genetics. If this is shared by other members of your family, then you could be at an increased risk of tooth loss in the long run. To prevent this, your dentist might prescribe you mouth rinses or toothpastes to protect and improve your dental health.

#4: Weak Teeth

Your genes as well as your eating habits are considered hereditary. A healthy diet is important during your teeth development, and a lack of sufficient calcium can cause teeth to be more vulnerable to cavities. Additionally, having fluoride in your meals has been shown to make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

#5: Periodontal Disease

Many people are genetically predisposed to gum disease, which can lead to tooth or bone loss if left untreated. Also, without a proper dental hygiene routine, you may have a higher risk of gum infection and decay. By practicing preventive measures and visiting your dentist for early detection, you can protect and maintain good dental health in the long run.

While certain dental health issues can be passed down to you, it doesn’t mean you can overcome them. Consult with your dentist about your concerns and family traits, and they’ll be glad to help you discover the best treatments for you!

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