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How to Make Yourself More Approachable

June 22, 2023

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It’s summer now, so there’s plenty of opportunities to socialize. Many people spend the season at work, vacations, and other venues. Still, perhaps you’re afraid to approach others. Maybe you’d prefer to seem more approachable first. That way, you’d feel more confident in forming connections. Well, it just so happens your local Medford dentist can help. To that end, here are some helpful tips on looking more friendly and pleasant.

Pay Attention to Eye Contact

If you want to seem more approachable, maintain eye contact with your conversation partner(s). Doing will make already pleasant situations even more so. After all, looking someone in the eye shows that you value them and their time.

There are a few ways to improve eye contact. The first is to blink occasionally, so you won’t seem like you’re staring. You could also offer an extra second of eye contact after shaking a person’s hand.

Flash a Pretty Smile

Whether with loved ones or strangers, remember to flash a gleaming smile. Revealing your pearly whites shows your goodwill. Furthermore, the act draws positive attention to your looks.

To make headway on this step, try seeing your local dentist. They can perform cosmetic work like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and more. The resulting grin would be beautiful enough to put almost anyone at ease.

Maintain Open Body Language

It’s usually best to adopt open body language in conversations. This posture emphasizes that you’re friendly and non-threatening. That being said, you can express such body language with the following actions:

  • Keeping your shoulders up and without slouching
  • Leaning back slightly when seated
  • Maintaining your hands at your side

By adopting these poses, you’ll help others feel comfortable enough to engage with you.

Show Interest in People’s Passions

In contexts like the workplace, show interest in people’s hobbies, weekend activities, and similar things. They’ll feel flattered by the attention and open up to you more willingly. Many will even start to consider you a friend.

The best way to show interest in others is to simply listen to them. By doing so, you can mention things they consider interesting. They’ll then naturally gravitate toward you.

Even if you feel daunted, learning to seem more approachable isn’t hard. Just remember the tips above and you’ll connect with people quickly!

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