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CEREC One-Visit Restorations

Dental crowns in Medford don’t have to take multiple visits and several weeks to complete. With advanced CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) technology, Dr. Giamberardino can prepare for, create, and place your dental crown in just one visit to our state-of-the-art office. Are you in need of a dental restoration? on’t put it off any longer. Same day crowns are possible at Giamberardino Dental Care!

Why Are Dental Crowns Necessary?

You may need a dental crown when tooth decay or damage requires more help than a filling can provide. It’s a thin, tooth-shaped restoration that fits right over the affected tooth. Sometimes called a cap, a dental crown looks, acts, and feels just like your natural tooth -- but better.

Crowns can be used to perform a number of functions, including:

Comparing CEREC Same Day Crowns and Traditional Crowns

What is the difference between a crown prepared with CEREC in Medford and a traditional crown? The most noticeable difference is in the amount of time it takes. The procedure for a traditional crown takes at least two visits to your dentist, with weeks of waiting in between. But patients who have benefitted from same day dentistry at Giamberardino Dental Care agree that the advantages of the treatment go beyond its convenience.

Traditional dental crowns require the use of a temporary crown in the time between appointments. Unfortunately, the temporary is prone to breaking, requiring yet another trip to the dentist. With immediate placement of the crown, CEREC eliminates the need for a temporary. Another big benefit of same day crowns is that the CEREC milling machine uses a digital impression of your mouth to create your restoration. Digital impressions are far more comfortable for you, and they also provide a more accurate image of your tooth and oral structures. And improved treatment planning leads to better outcomes overall.

The CEREC milling machine manufactures your dental crown from a single block of porcelain in under half an hour. In addition to being sturdy enough to withstand regular use, porcelain reflects light just like your natural tooth enamel. It’s also highly customizable to match your surrounding teeth.

Caring for Your New Crown

Once you have undergone the procedure for a same day crown, you will want to make sure you maintain proper hygiene to keep the crown whole and the teeth and gums around it healthy. Continue to brush your teeth for two minutes, at least twice a day. When you floss daily, concentrate on the area around the base of your crown. Visit your dentist as recommended for preventive care, and we will keep your smile healthy for years to come!

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