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Crowns Made Easy Thanks To CEREC

July 22, 2014

shutterstock_153698357There is no doubt that we live in an era where we want things done as quickly and as simply as possible. It seems as though no matter what it is, many people want to accomplish tasks with as little complication and in the shortest amount of time. In the world of dentistry, it is no different. Many people would like a quick fix to their smile, whether it is whitening their teeth, straightening them, or even getting a routine cleaning done. Luckily, one thing that Dr. Anthony Giamberardino can give you quickly and easily is a new crown! With the help of CEREC, we are able to give our patients reliable, beautiful crowns all in a single appointment.

The process of getting your new crown starts by preparing your natural tooth. A scanner then examines your prepared tooth, as well as the surrounding area, and sends the information it has accumulated to a computer. Once the computer interprets the information, it displays a picture of your new crown. The computer communicates with our in-office milling machine, and it goes to work. Your CEREC crown is then etched from a single porcelain block, the porcelain matching your tooth color exactly. The machine makes your crown in between 10 to 20 minutes, and once your crown is finished, it is made permanent onto your prepared tooth. After everything is finished, you are left with a beautifully restored smile you can be proud of.

One of the advantages of CEREC is that the crown is metal and mercury free, giving you a natural look to your smile. With metal fillings, the toxins in the metal can spread throughout your entire body, which is never a good thing to have happen. Another benefit to CEREC crowns is that deliver more durability than traditional crowns, making them perfect for teeth located in the back of the mouth. No impressions are needed for CEREC crowns, getting rid of the mess and discomfort normally associated with having to have a crown made. If you feel as though Dr. Giamberardino and CEREC are able to benefit you and your smile, make an appointment with our office today, and we’d love to help!

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