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What Kind of Teeth Do You Have?

August 6, 2014

103311379Being well informed with anything in life is always beneficial. Whether you are doing research for an essay or looking at the pros and cons of a car you are wanting to buy, information is power when making decisions and knowing how certain things work. The same goes for your smile! Many people do not know the types of teeth they have or their functions, forgetting the significant role they play in our smiles. Dr. Anthony Giamberardino wants his patients to be as well-informed as possible when it comes to their smile, even when it comes to the functions of their teeth.

One type of tooth that you have are your incisors. They are the eight teeth that are toward the front and center of your mouth, and you use them when you take a bite of food. Your canines make their appearance between sixteen and twenty months of age. Because they are the sharpest teeth in your smile, they are usually used to tear your food apart to make consumption easier.

Our premolars are responsible for chewing and grinding our food, and you have four on either side of your mouth. The premolars typically appear when you are around the ages of ten and eleven. The types of teeth that appear between twelve and fifteen months of age are our molars, and those are also used for chewing and grinding our food. Our wisdom teeth, also known as our third molars, are the last to develop, showing up around eighteen to twenty years of age. Some never develop their wisdom teeth, which is beneficial to their overall smile because it eliminates crowding.

Being informed on your teeth and their role in your smile are excellent in realizing the true power of your smile and appreciating all of the hard work they do!

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