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Teeth Whitening for a Summer Bright Smile in Medford, MA

June 30, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-187957730So, does Massachusetts deserve an awesome summer, or what? After the winter we survived, everyone in Medford, MA, and the surrounding communities should have a very enjoyable summer. And with all there is to do in the area—cheer for the Red Sox, have a clambake on the Cape, explore the New England Aquarium, stroll through old Boston, sail down the Charles River—there will be plenty of smiles to go around. If you want to make sure your smile will look its best, then now is the time to visit Dr. Anthony Giamberardino for teeth whitening Medford can rely on for a brighter smile.

If your teeth are yellowed, stained or otherwise discolored, then you’re in good company. Millions of Americans have less than perfectly white smiles and the reasons are all generally the same:

  • Commonly consumed foods and drinks, such as berries and tomatoes or coffee and red wine
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco are prime culprits for stained teeth
  • Certain medications, such as the antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline
  • Teeth grinding and clenching, which can darken the biting surfaces of your teeth
  • Improper oral hygiene
  • The aging process
  • Tooth injuries
  • Genetic predisposition to teeth that are more yellow, brown or gray in color

Teeth Whitening Summerville Smiles For this Summer!

Sure, there are plenty of over-the-counter options for teeth whitening. The problems with those are that you have no idea how long they’ve been sitting on the store shelf. And the longer they sit, the less potent the whitening formula becomes. At Dr. Giamberardino’s office, we offer take home teeth whitening kits that you can be certain are full strength. Our take home kit includes custom-fitted whitening trays and professional grade bleaching gel. Simply fill the trays with gel and wear them for the amount of time Dr. Giamberardino instructs.

For people who have staining or discoloration that will not respond to teeth whitening, we also offer porcelain veneers, which are adhesively bonded to the front side of the teeth in your smile zone in order to create a clean and white smile.

Call Our Office Today

If you would like to learn more about the teeth whitening, Winchester will be choosing for the most dazzling smiles this summer, then call our office.   Dr. Giamberardino is a trusted cosmetic dentist, now proudly restoring smiles daily throughout Medford, MA, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and the neighboring areas.

Smile Confidently Again with High Quality Modern Dentures from Dr. Giamberardino in Medford, MA

February 10, 2015

79940950Do your dentures ever slip out of place while you’re eating, speaking, yawning, or laughing? This could be a clear sign that you need new, better fitting dentures. Dentures are supposed to be natural-looking removable replacement teeth. However, many long time denture wearers are dissatisfied with the fit and comfort of their old dentures. In the past, aesthetics and comfort were not prioritized when crafting dentures. The primary focus was to restore the functioning of your missing teeth without much regard to how the dentures looked or felt. Today however, Dr. Giamberardino can offer his patients modern dentures that both look and feel great. Dr. Giamberardino can create one-of-a-kind dentures that you’re proud to wear. To replace your old dentures with well-fitting modern dentures, schedule an appointment with Giamberardino Dental Care today.  Dr. Giamberardino is an experienced restorative dentist, proudly delivering quality dental care daily throughout Medford, MA, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and the surrounding communities.

How Are Modern Dentures Different?

Dentures have long been the teeth replacement standard. They are usually made from acrylic or a combination of metal and acrylic to replace anywhere from a full row to just a few teeth. Because of advancements in dental technologies, modern dentures are more flexible than their older counterparts. Modern dentures are designed to return the mouth to full functionality, while accurately mimicking the aesthetics of natural teeth and gums. Today’s dentures are also fully customized to provide unparalleled comfort and control while creating a beautiful and natural-looking smile. In fact, for some modern denture wearers, their smiles have never looked better.

Medford Modern Dentures Appointments

Dr. Giamberardino we will take great care to precisely craft the framework of your new dentures so that they fit snugly and securely in your mouth. You will no longer have to worry about embarrassing slippage or shifting. Using the latest digital and computer technology, Dr. Giamberardino will determine your ideal bite and make sure that your dentures come as close as possible to replicating the look and feel of your natural teeth. For the modern dentures you deserve, make an appointment with Giamberardino Dental Care today.  Dr. Giamberardino can easily replace your old or ill fitting dentures with the better fitting and more natural looking dentures you’ve always wanted. Giamberardino Dental Care proudly restores smiles daily throughout Medford, MA, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and the neighboring areas.

Digital Dentistry: How Tech Savvy is Your Dentist?

October 24, 2014

462403639Technology is changing the way we receive dental care. If you still see a dentist that uses a black-and-white film x-ray to diagnose your dental treatment, then you probably don’t have a tech savvy dentist. Intraoral Digital Radiography and Digital Imaging have replaced the black and white x-rays of yesterday. Not only does digital dentistry make your dental visit faster and more efficient, it dramatically reduces radiation exposure. With the crystal clear images produced by this new technology you are empowered to make more informed treatment decisions. Your dentist is able to see things easier and clearer allowing them to make better decisions for your care as well. Giamberardino Dental Care is a tech savvy dental practice. Make an appointment with Dr. Giamberardino today for better care, a better experience and a better treatment outcome. Dr. Giamberardino and his team at proudly serve patients in Medford, MA, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and surrounding communities.

Digital Dentistry: Schick 33
The new Schick 33 digital radiography system has revolutionized the dental industry. The Schick 33 intraoral digital sensor provides unprecedented clarity and detail which helps your dentist in the diagnoses and treatment of cavities, gum disease and other oral health problems. This new digital dentistry tool features amazing diagnostic quality images that can be customized to fit your individual diagnostic needs like general, endodontic, restorative or periodontics. The dentist can use the image enhancer to manipulate image sharpness for a comprehensive oral examination.

Digital Dentistry: CEREC Crowns

Digital dentistry isn’t just for diagnosing your care; it can also make restorative treatment faster and more efficient. If you have ever had a tooth crowned in the past, you know that the process took two visits. Back then your dentist had to take a mold impression of your teeth, send it to a lab to be fabricated, and then it was placed at a second visit. Today, with the CEREC Crown system, your dentist can craft your custom crown right in the office during your visit. A digital impression of your tooth is taken, which the dentist uses to design, mold and place your new crown, in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Digital Dentistry in Medford, MA

To get the best care possible you need to make sure that your dentist has the latest tools and technology and follows the best digital dentistry practices available. Digital Radiography helps your dentist clearly communicate treatment decisions. If you are looking for a progressive dentistry that is invested in patient health, look no further than Giamberardino Dental Care. Contact Dr. Giamberardino today for your next appointment. Dr. Giamberardino is now proudly serving the communities of Medford, MA, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett and nearby areas.

Taking Years Off Your Smile with Great Services from Giamberardino Dental Care

July 6, 2012

Time changes how you look and feel, but it also impacts your smile. Besides causing teeth to become stained, aging—and other factors, like decay or gum disease—can also cause teeth to weaken or fall out. But at Giamberardino Dental Care, we’re making smiles new again every day using some of the latest and most effective restorative services available anywhere.

Our services include dental implants, CEREC crowns, porcelain veneers, and much more.

Making Smiles New Again

One of the most effective services Dr. Giamberardino can offer his Medford-area patients is dental implants. With dental implants, it’s possible to replace both a missing tooth and a missing root. What’s more, implants are a versatile option—you can use them to replace just one tooth, a group of teeth, or an entire row.

Dental implants aren’t for everyone, though. That’s why our Medford office also features cosmetic services like porcelain veneers, and cosmetic-restorative services like crowns. Using our CEREC machine, we can create custom-milled porcelain crowns in about an hour, right in our office.

To find out more about the general, cosmetic, and restorative services we offer, explore our website, visit our YouTube page, or call our office. Our team would be happy to answer your questions, in addition to scheduling a visit for you. We serve patients from Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and beyond.


Take a Peek into Your Future with Smile Vision at Giamberardino Dental Care

June 21, 2012

Have you seriously considered a smile makeover with porcelain veneers, CEREC crowns, teeth whitening, or another effective service? If you have, then at some point you may have also felt a twinge of nervousness. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, what will my smile look like? Will I like the results? Why can’t there be a way for me to see what my finished smile will look like before I commit to anything?

The good news is that you can do exactly that at Giamberardino Dental Care. Using a great tool like Smile Vision, Dr. Giamberardino can take a picture of your smile and use it to simulate the results of your procedure. That way, as you think about what services you’d like to take advantage of, you can have a handy visual aid with you to guide your thinking.

For more information on what Smile Vision is and how Dr. Giamberardino can use it to help you choose the right service for you, get in touch with Giamberardino Dental Care today. We’d be happy to answer your questions, in addition to scheduling a consultation visit for you. During your consultation visit, we’ll have a chance to talk with you more about what results you’d like to see before showing you exactly how Smile Vision works.

Call Giamberardino Dental Care today to schedule your appointment. Dr. Giamberardino happily serves patients from Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and beyond.


Why Do Teeth Become Discolored?

May 10, 2012

In our last blog post, we talked briefly about the teeth whitening options available at Giamberardino Dental Care. In today’s post, we’ll look at the question posed in the title: why do teeth become discolored in the first place?

There’s no single reason. Instead, teeth discoloration is the result of several combined factors, including:

  • Foods
  • Beverages (coffees, teas, sodas, and wines)
  • Aging
  • Medications (tetracycline)
  • Excessive fluoride use
  • Genetics

One way to avoid stains is to cut back on, or even avoid, foods that are known to contribute to them. In cases where discoloration may be genetic, though, avoiding specific foods or drinks may not help. The same can also be said of brushing and flossing. While brushing and flossing are great for your oral health, they aren’t guaranteed to make your smile whiter.

Which is why, if you’ve dreamed of having a whiter smile, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our Medford office. During just a short appointment with Dr. Giamberardino, we can examine your smile and recommend a treatment that will be able to help you. In some cases, it may not be in-office or at-home teeth whitening. In other cases, it may be that a different cosmetic dentistry option would be better, like porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding.

Get started on your smile makeover today. Call Giamberardino Dental Care to schedule your appointment. We serve patients from Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and surrounding areas.

Whiten Your Smile Just In Time for Summer with At-Home Teeth Whitening

May 3, 2012

If you’ve ever dreamed of a whiter smile, there’s no better time to take advantage of Giamberardino Dental Care’s at-home teeth whitening option. Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, making now the perfect time to give yourself the smile makeover you’ve always wanted.

Whiten Your Smile At Your Own Pace with At-Home Teeth Whitening

With at-home teeth whitening Dr. Giamberardino can give Medford-area patients the convenient teeth whitening solution they’ve been looking for. Patients who whiten their smile at home can enjoy the same kind of professional results that other options can provide, but in a way that fits with your schedule. All you have to do is follow our careful instructions and watch day-by-day as your smile is gradually transformed.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Smile?

After considering all your teeth whitening options, have you decided that at-home teeth whitening is the best option for you? Dr. Giamberardino can help you. After a thorough oral exam, we can begin working on the custom-made whitening trays you’ll be using to whiten your smile. To schedule a consultation appointment, call us today. Our Medford office whitens smiles from Winchester, Somerville, Malden, Everett, and surrounding areas.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Which Services Are Right for You?

March 19, 2012

At Giamberardino Dental Care, we have three popular cosmetic dentistry services to choose from:

But as great as each of these services are, not every patient is a good candidate for every service. That’s why, if you’ve been thinking about boosting your smile with a cosmetic service, it’s important that you pay Dr. Giamberardino’s Medford dental office a visit.

Based on your medical history, the state of your oral health, and your goals for the future, Dr. Giamberardino can put together a plan that’s made just for you. In some cases, it could be a combination of services, while in others it might just be one service, like teeth whitening. Sometimes, this is what’s called a smile makeover.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the cosmetic dentistry services offered at our Medford dental office, just visit our cosmetic dentistry page, or click on one of the links above. And if you’re ready to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Giamberaridino, just give our office a call. We serve patients from Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Malden, and Everett, and would be happy to answer all your questions as you begin exploring your cosmetic dentistry options.